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Before we begin…

  • First, we review your manuscript. To save time, please see our CONTACT page for the genres we do and do not accept for consideration.
  • After reviewing your manuscript, we can provide an audio sample and price quote.
  • If the price and terms are acceptable to you…
  • We set a mutually agreeable delivery schedule 
  • Upon completion, we deliver audio files for your review and, pending any changes, the files are ready for online distribution.
  • We either provide the audio files directly to you for self-distribution…
  • Or, at no charge, we show you how to upload directly to Amazon, Audible and iTunes which requires that your print and/or eBook versions are already available for sale on Amazon. 
  • We can also sell your audiobook through our own online store, Better Life Audio , offering authors a generous royalty of up to 60% of revenue after e-commerce fees, compared to 40% maximum from Amazon-Audible. We also have expanded our distribution partners including direct distribution to libraries, and many other online audiobook retailers.

Audiobook production steps…

  • From your final manuscript, we record the narration.
  • After each chapter, we edit the initial changes and takes.
  • Once the audiobook has been completely recorded, each chapter is proofed for errors while reviewing the manuscript word-for-word.
  • Then, all errors and changes are fixed.
  • The audio is then processed with normalized levels and dynamics.
  • All of the audio is then completely reviewed again for quality.
  • The audiobook files are transferred to high quality mp3.
  • Finally, the audio files are uploaded ready for distribution.

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We pride ourselves on attention to detail and working closely with the author and publisher to bring their vision to life.”   

Rich Germaine – Narrator/Producer